Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Outfit's ♡

     Hi there guys and gals! Ton's of people have been asking me to help them with cute valentine outfits and i'm finally getting around to it since Valentines day is coming up. So here are a few cute outfit ideas that I have come up with so you can look super cute for that special someone!

Valentine Look 1

Valentine Look 1 by lostcauselobotomy featuring a slim belt

So here is my first look sticking to the red color scheme and it is something you can wear either for day or night. You don't have to copy the exact item cause Im pretty sure you can find these items elsewhere and make it look virtually the same ! The thing I really love about this outfit is the scheme of how all these different reds still look put together and not like a hot mess.

Valentine Look 2

Valentine Look 2 by lostcauselobotomy featuring topshop

This look is classy , elegant , edgy yet simple all at the same time ! I don't know what it is about this look but it is so captivating to me and I love the hints of gold I added to the outfit to make it pop. This look is more for daytime date because of the bright colors but you can probably pull it of during the evening.

Valentine Look 3

Valentine Look 3 by lostcauselobotomy featuring a slim belt

This look was definitely made for a day time date with your loved one. It's almost a tribute to the upcoming spring season and features a cute bustier that will make you look super sexy and hell maybe you can wear it later tonight if you know what i mean. Not only is this look feminine and delicate but it also features a little bit of edge with the floral doc martens.

Good Luck this Valentine's Day outfit ♡ and I hope all of you have or find someone to share it with this year xoxo

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