Monday, September 23, 2013

Messy Bun Tutorial

Once again sorry for not keeping this blog updated with post every week like promised. I've started college and am no balancing a new job as well. However I will keep trying to do videos and reviews for you as much as possible! Without further adieu her is a tutorial on how I do the bun that i've been sporting in my Instagram pictures like so.

This video will show you kind of step by step on how I do it and mind you every time you do the bun it's not going to look the same.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August favorites ♡

     I'm posting up my August favorites and I don't buy a lot of new products because i'm once I find products I usually pick up a routine with them . I tend to stay with the products for about more than 6 moths.  However I have but i've been shopping lately and I have found some amazing products I want to share with you guys that I am in love with! 

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Selebrities-Temporary Touch (Rush Midnight Remix)
MNDR- Feed Me Diamonds (Box of Wolves Remix)
Best Coast- Boyfriend (Ghostwave Remix)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Store Re-open !

So I recently re-opened my storenvy again and added some cute vintage pieces ! Some aren't vinatge , they're just things I no longer wear , however the majority are !

Here's the link

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Juju Babe Jelly Sandals Review

Okay so as you can tell by the title this a little review on the jelly sandals from American Apparel. I am not going to lie when these shoes first came out I was very snobbish towards them saying to myself "who would ever wear these ?"

 I would and I have fallen under their spell. I bought them two weeks ago and I got to say they were worth the money I spent. They were only $40 bucks and I purchased them in Silver and in Black. To begin with they're quite cozy to me but be warned when you decide to purchase these size down because they do run big. I was also surprised by how soft they are! Like, they really do have that jelly feel to them but the heels/soles are still pretty solid. I mostly wear these with colorful socks cause your feet WILL sweat wearing them alone, although they look cute both ways. The heeled version pretty much compliments and flatters the majority of outfits that I have tried on and do promote good posture whenI walk. Overall I give these shoes a 9/10 because they're affordable , cute and are durable!  The only con in them is they're sizing but good luck and I hope this review helped you when you want to purchase shoes like these.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Ombre Experience ♡

So not to long ago I finally got to ombre my hair for summer , I was so ecstatic about doing it but was scared about the bleaching process. I know bleach has very harmful chemicals that can basically fry your hair causing someone to cut that section of hair off. I know for me that was not an option so everything had to be done perfectly. If you don't have the extra income to spend on getting it professionally done , like me , then do your research. I did extensive research on how to bleach ,how long to keep it in and the after care. However with the after care I went a different route..Unfortunately this isn't a vlog because I've already dyed it.

So to begin with the bleach I used was by Loreal 30 developer  and obviously powder bleach because my hair is so dark I had to use a high volume to lift my black hair. I mixed it for about 3 minutes then put it at the very ends of my hair and let it set for about a hour because thats when I saw my desired hair color.Other with light hair can probably wait about 30-45 minutes. I think went up more on my hair then let the bleach stay for about 30 minutes to get that nice gradient effect. My hair came out splendid but didn't have the same texture of course. 

This was the end result

My hair came out just the way I wanted but in real life the blonde was ten times more intense !

So for after care I then used this amazing Olive oil shampoo and conditioner that I used right after bleaching it. I shampooed as normal and the instructions said leave the conditioner in for 45 minutes. It did wonders for my hair and had my hair feeling as if I had never bleached it ! You can purchase this treatment at your local wal-mart for around 5 dollars.

Then on the days when I wouldn't wash my hair I would use Argon oil all over my head to treat split ends , speed up the growing process and keep my hair hydrated. However be careful not to over hydrate cause that easily make your hair break because it's so soft. I then and still do take biotin took keep my hair healthy and growing normally! You can purchase the oil at CVS or Sally's beauty supply and the biotin from wal-mart.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Necessities ♡

So it's that time of year again where the heat is at an all time high and I basically want to walk around nude. But since that is socially unacceptable I have a few summer necessities that help me get through Florida's unbearable heat. This post will show you what I need during this heat and how I maintain a matte face when deep down I'm sweating up a monsoon.  

So for starters we need to break out the shorts for obvious reason. I realized the blue and black denim shorts are constantly worn during this time of year and have yet to fade. I bought a pair of colored shorts recently to add a pop of color to my wardrobe and it's very summer-y. I also purchased the hampton shirt that you see in the bottom left corner. They were 50% off , light-weight and breathable ♡   

We then go into cute bathing suits for the summer that can not only be worn by it's self but in my case a bodysuits paired with cute shorts or even some nice high-waisted pair of pants. The reason why I defiantly recommend wearing these as bodysuits is because since they're made for swim wear they're able absorb in type of body fluid or water. In our case sweat , yes I know gross, but think about when you're going to a concert or just out around town and you're wearing a normal shirt. Not only will the sweat stains show but it will smell but not with swim suits.

I live in these spandex crop tops because you can dress them up or down for summer and winter ! They're accentuate and flatter your body in every way and can be paired with anything.

Now for makeup , When I wore foundation I would switch to Tinted moisturizer for the summer because its light weight , provides a decent amount of coverage , and has SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun. I then used a setting spray that I got from ebay because I want to keep everything in place  and keep my face hydrated but not oily looking. Later I go in with waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner because I  tend to sweat around my eye during the day which caused my mascara to drip down my eyes making me look like a hoodrat. However with the power of water proof that doesn't happen anymore and I've heard waterproof damages your lashes so what I do to prevent that is using a little scoop of vaseline and putting them on my lashes to prevent that and keep them nourished.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

♡ Tumblr Q&A ♡

This is my Q&A video that was requested that I finally got a round to editing and uploading. Also as you can see it's old because I don't have blonde in my hair yet. Also sorry for the wait and the "Draw my life" video will be up soon I promise.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

♡ Updated Makeup Routine ♡

So as requested on tumblr here is a video of my updated makeup routine with all the brushes and make up I use.

This is my daily Makeup Routine and I use :
Mineral Effects Tinted Moisturizer 
Milani Illuminating Face Powder 
Milani Brow easy
Wet n Wild Blush 
Nyx eye Shadow in Tryst
Revlon Colorstay Concealer 
Rimmel London scandal eyes mascara
NP Set mascara 

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Future Grooves - Stay
Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer

Sunday, May 12, 2013


So here is a haul of items that I wanted to break out and or purchased for spring/summer. This was all accumulated over time so don't assume I bought it all at once but without further adieu here all some items I bought with a few personal experiences with them.

So the first three items are bodysuits and ever since I bought my first bodysuit in december I have fallen in love with them all ! The green and black bodysuit are from american apparel and fit me like a gem , they're true to size so don't worry about having to go up or down a size for it to fit. The cat bodysuit was brought from lazyoaf and is so darn adorable. It also features a black cat tail on the back which I forgot to photograph but it's so cute , form fitting and can be dressed up or down. Also heads up if you want the green bodysuit from american apparel buy it quickly before they run out because they're on low stock and probably won't make them in that color anymore.

The net three items are all from american apparel and two were actually gifts. The romper was bought on black friday but I never wore it intill tonight because I was so self conscious about wearing it. However I got a lot of positive feedback from a party i attended last night and it's so cozy and you can dress it up with a nice belt and shoes to make it the perfect outfit. The next is a cat print chiffon top and a teal colored peter pan collared shirt which were both gifts because they didn't fit my friends anymore.

The last three items feature a floral top with black lace on the back that was given by a friend perfect for spring or sumer really. Then we have these adorable striped pants from american apparel that have a side zip at the ankle and are really perfect for summer (in my opinion). Then last but not least the tap shorts from american apparel and they're are just the coziest things ever. I got them in a khaki color and the have this side button and zip that just makes it more cute.

So that's all for now and i hope you enjoyed the haul and please follow me for more post!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Current Makeup Routine ♡

So hey guys i know it's been a while since I've made a post but here's the thing. When I make a blogspot post I don't want to put just anything up , I want it to be personal. I want it to be perfect , helpful and something I actually want to discuss. Anyways on with the post and today's little post is about all the current makeup I use. I get a lot of questions asking what I use for my face since I've stopped using foundation and what I use for brows etc.

This picture contains everything i use on a daily basis and new beauty product which is blush.

  • I use Mineral Effects Tinted Moisturizer which has very natural finish and is very sheer so it's only useful if you don't have so many pimples and minor scarring due to acne like I do. Also not only does it give my skin a very even skin tone but it does not  break out my sensitive skin which is a huge plus.
  • I then use Revlon Colorstay Concealer which works wonders for my dark circles. 
  • Then I use Milani's Baked Blush which give my skin this nice and healthy glow and stays pigmented for quite sometime.
  • For my brows I use Anastasia's brow wiz in ebony which makes them look so full , nice and very natural looking ! Also they do not come off easily... so say if you were to scratch your eyebrow or wipe it by accident it won't smudge or come off.
  • Then to finish it off I use some cheap drugstore eyelash curler and then two coats of Set Mascara in jetblack and my lashes look so long and voluminous . I do not regret buying this and this is like my holy grail for eyelashes. 

And even though it is not shown above on some occasions I will use Wet 'n' Wild liquid eyeliner.

So that is my updated makeup routine i hope you found it helpful and fun. I promise to return to posting every week on here.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spirit Hood Review

Hello again everyone and if you can tell by the title this a spirit hood review! I decided to do this review because numerous people ask why do I wear my spirit hood , where can they get one , and are they actually warm.. etc. So to begin I was contemplating on getting my spirit hood from the original online store here but they were so expensive however when I started my job ay costume world they actually had a variety of them hanging around the shop for only $50 bucks! So I quickly grabbed the one that I frequently wear in my photos and fell in love with it. Funny enough I've worn it out and paired with outfits that I actually like. Furthermore these hoods are super warm, cozy and are made up of faux fur! Spirit Hoods are made out of 100% polyester, 100% satin Polyester.

Move along I must warn you these hoods tend to shed quite a bit but when you stroke the fur but they do not show signs of patchy fur. Also when cleaning you’re hood it is recommend hand washing your hood in cold water and air-drying. It is not recommend using detergent or putting your hood in the dryer!
I have found these hood too be super manageable, very stylish and fun to have so I recommend anyone seeking to buy a spirit hood t get one because they’re worth especially around winter

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorry for the Hiatus ♡

I really want to apologize for the recent hiatus from my blogspot lately and I want to take this opprutuinty to infrom you what has been going on in my life that has caused me to drift from my blogspot for so long.
So I recently just started my spring semester at community college and like a dummy i chose classes from Monday-Thursday that will end in april. These classes have caused me to study more and stray away from the internt which sucks. Not only was I getting a new start from school but I quit my job at the costume store and got a new job at forever 21. Forever 21 is a fun environment that requires a lot of hours , which I don't mind , I actually love it because I am planning to move out come summer time with my friend Lia ♡

Also I have been trying to squeeze in my social life with my now more hetic academic/work life !
So here are a few pictures of what I have been up to during the month of late february and the rest of march

During February my new friend Tea came down to Florida and conveniently the italian festival was in town so here is what happened.

Not only was tea there but a few other friend had joined us.

Then a few days later we went to mall for some retail therapy.

Then late february was my baby Ariana's birthday and we had a house party for her.

Then we rounded up all the ladies and went to miami the next day!

Then I decided to dye my hair 50 shades of brown and I liked it for like 3 weeks and quickly dyed it back black but it was nice while it lasted.

Then came spring break fro me and I got to see two close friends that I had not seen in a while for thrifting and home videos.

Then I went to this abandoned boat stadium in Miami with amazing graffiti art everywhere with some more close friends ! The weather was so lovely and we also went to bayside for more views and food

Then a lovely surprise occurred which was my old high school friend that had moved to New York came down and visited me at work and we go to catch up (please excuse my hair getting messed up by the wind and looking ratchet)

Also I've been able to hang out more with my friend leslie and this day we had went thrifting and got lunch together.

Then last saturday I went to a venue for a few local bands that put on an amazing show but unfortunately I only took a picture of one of the bands which was The Dead Legs who you can check out here !

Then I got to see my sista from anotha mista today , who i havent seen in like months , it made me so happy because she like fully understands me ! She is seriously the bee's knee's and I always enjoy out hang outs.

So that is how my life has been going and what I have been up to lately. Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow me please