Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lip care


   A lot of you want to know how I keep my lips hydrated , plump looking and line free. I want start off by saying with this routine has kept my lips looking the way they're for years now and it's so easy. Plus I am pretty sure no one wants chapped lips.
 So to begin you want to drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself not only for your skin but it is also good for your lips. You want to drink 3-4 glassess of water a day. Then we can move on by exfoliating all the dead skin off your lips by using a tooth brush and useing it to brush your lips in a circular motion for about 1-2 minutes every other week. This will not only rid your lips of  dead skin but allow blood to flow through your lips making them look plump. You later want to use a lukewarm wet rag to remove any excess that you might have missed.
I then later use my favorite lipbalm which is baby lips by maybelline ! I believe they're only $3.99 at your local drugstore and I know that's a bit pricey but it' so worth it in the end. I started using this two weeks ago and I can feel/see the diffrence it has made.

Baby Lips has SPF 20 and Gives 8 hours of moisture and lip renewal.

Later through the day I obviously eat so the lip balm wipes away with each bite so I like to use EOS lipbalm in Mint and Honeyuckle depending on how I am feeling to keep my lips hydrated.

 Also depending on where I am going say for example a dinner or just a night out on the town I I still use baby lips as a top coat then my Tony Moly Lip Gloss. It still hydrates my lips and adds a hint of color to my lips , the only downside is you have to re-apply every 30 minutes or so to make the color pop again. I primarily use Cherry , Grape , and Strawberry because they have the sweetest scents and nice color finish. You can get them anywhere just google them and they're roughly $6-8 depending on where you go to get them. Also they come in more varities than the ones I just stated !

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 3 Favorite Outfits

So I frequently get asked what are my favorite outfits to wear around this world and they all will pretain to summer wear because it is still beyond hot in Florida. So today I will post three frequently worn outfits for Day , Night and just an outfit I can wear for both occasions in my (opinion). 

So during the day it's always so hot even at 8 'o clock in the morning it's almost 85 degrees. So I typically like to wear shorts with a nice funky shirt , something that draws a lot of attention because everything is so minimum layered due to the heat. But keep in mind during the day I am contsantly moving around from home to school to hanging out with friends. So I like to keep a cardigan on or light weighted sweater on.

  • Diy Knotted Grey Shirt from Leslie's Closet
  • Off-white Cardigan from Thrift Store
  • Braided Brown belt from Thrift Store
  • Khaki High-waisted shorts from Leslie's Closet
  • Loafers from Brandon's Closet


At night I love to wear dark colors and go all out on layering because the sun is down , it's cooled down a bit , and it's time to play.

  • Manhattan Cart Shirt from American Apparel
  • Bowler Hat from Yesstyle
  • Denim Jacket from American Apparel
  • Black Jeans from Thrift Store
  • Doc Martens from Official website
  • Black belt with gold accent from Thrift Store

 An outfit for both occasions

So I love verstiale outfits that I can wear for day and night ! This outfit is constantly worn disregarding all the elemnts like weather , time and place because I feel it works for both.

  • Striped Cropped Top from American Apparel
  • Navy Blue Jeans from the Thrift Store
  • Bowler Hat from Yesstyle
  • Oxfords from Thrift Store
  • Black leather belt with gold accent from Thrift Store

So those are most frequently worn outfits and I typically shop at American Apparel , Thrift Store , Forever 21 and eBayif you were wondering.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daily Makeup Routine

So I receive many questions on tumblr asking about my makeup routine and here is a post dedicated to just that.
     Let's start ! I obviously start of with a clean and wash it and use my acne serum. Then I go in with Revlon 24 hour color stay in Carmel then use Revlon Concealer in Medium. Then I apply Baby lips to hydrate my lips as I continue my routine. I then set everything with Tony Moly's catwink Clear Pact in Beige Medium. I then finish my lips with Tony Moly's Bunny Gloss bar to add some color. For my eye routine I use Mac's Mascara , Maybelline's Liquid Eyeliner to wing out the end of my eyes and then Mac's Carbon with my angles brush to fill in my eyebrows. Then I top it off by finally spraying Tony Moly's Face Mist Spray to hydrate my face afterwards. ♡