Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spirit Hood Review

Hello again everyone and if you can tell by the title this a spirit hood review! I decided to do this review because numerous people ask why do I wear my spirit hood , where can they get one , and are they actually warm.. etc. So to begin I was contemplating on getting my spirit hood from the original online store here but they were so expensive however when I started my job ay costume world they actually had a variety of them hanging around the shop for only $50 bucks! So I quickly grabbed the one that I frequently wear in my photos and fell in love with it. Funny enough I've worn it out and paired with outfits that I actually like. Furthermore these hoods are super warm, cozy and are made up of faux fur! Spirit Hoods are made out of 100% polyester, 100% satin Polyester.

Move along I must warn you these hoods tend to shed quite a bit but when you stroke the fur but they do not show signs of patchy fur. Also when cleaning you’re hood it is recommend hand washing your hood in cold water and air-drying. It is not recommend using detergent or putting your hood in the dryer!
I have found these hood too be super manageable, very stylish and fun to have so I recommend anyone seeking to buy a spirit hood t get one because they’re worth especially around winter

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorry for the Hiatus ♡

I really want to apologize for the recent hiatus from my blogspot lately and I want to take this opprutuinty to infrom you what has been going on in my life that has caused me to drift from my blogspot for so long.
So I recently just started my spring semester at community college and like a dummy i chose classes from Monday-Thursday that will end in april. These classes have caused me to study more and stray away from the internt which sucks. Not only was I getting a new start from school but I quit my job at the costume store and got a new job at forever 21. Forever 21 is a fun environment that requires a lot of hours , which I don't mind , I actually love it because I am planning to move out come summer time with my friend Lia ♡

Also I have been trying to squeeze in my social life with my now more hetic academic/work life !
So here are a few pictures of what I have been up to during the month of late february and the rest of march

During February my new friend Tea came down to Florida and conveniently the italian festival was in town so here is what happened.

Not only was tea there but a few other friend had joined us.

Then a few days later we went to mall for some retail therapy.

Then late february was my baby Ariana's birthday and we had a house party for her.

Then we rounded up all the ladies and went to miami the next day!

Then I decided to dye my hair 50 shades of brown and I liked it for like 3 weeks and quickly dyed it back black but it was nice while it lasted.

Then came spring break fro me and I got to see two close friends that I had not seen in a while for thrifting and home videos.

Then I went to this abandoned boat stadium in Miami with amazing graffiti art everywhere with some more close friends ! The weather was so lovely and we also went to bayside for more views and food

Then a lovely surprise occurred which was my old high school friend that had moved to New York came down and visited me at work and we go to catch up (please excuse my hair getting messed up by the wind and looking ratchet)

Also I've been able to hang out more with my friend leslie and this day we had went thrifting and got lunch together.

Then last saturday I went to a venue for a few local bands that put on an amazing show but unfortunately I only took a picture of one of the bands which was The Dead Legs who you can check out here !

Then I got to see my sista from anotha mista today , who i havent seen in like months , it made me so happy because she like fully understands me ! She is seriously the bee's knee's and I always enjoy out hang outs.

So that is how my life has been going and what I have been up to lately. Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow me please

Monday, March 18, 2013

♡ Spring Fling ♡

So as we enter springs it's time to ditch the dark colors , show a little skin and wear cute vibrant colors
Here are a few outfit idea's to wear that you can be inspired by and find most of the item's  at affordable and local retail stores. 

Valentine Look 3

Spring fling

Spring fling 2

coral crush

coral crush by lostcauselobotomy featuring platform espadrilles

As you can se i used one of my old valentine looks that was wearable for a romantic evening out and now spring. You can now be inspired and feel free to recreate these looks and make more of it.
Have fun and thank you for reading