Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spirit Hood Review

Hello again everyone and if you can tell by the title this a spirit hood review! I decided to do this review because numerous people ask why do I wear my spirit hood , where can they get one , and are they actually warm.. etc. So to begin I was contemplating on getting my spirit hood from the original online store here but they were so expensive however when I started my job ay costume world they actually had a variety of them hanging around the shop for only $50 bucks! So I quickly grabbed the one that I frequently wear in my photos and fell in love with it. Funny enough I've worn it out and paired with outfits that I actually like. Furthermore these hoods are super warm, cozy and are made up of faux fur! Spirit Hoods are made out of 100% polyester, 100% satin Polyester.

Move along I must warn you these hoods tend to shed quite a bit but when you stroke the fur but they do not show signs of patchy fur. Also when cleaning you’re hood it is recommend hand washing your hood in cold water and air-drying. It is not recommend using detergent or putting your hood in the dryer!
I have found these hood too be super manageable, very stylish and fun to have so I recommend anyone seeking to buy a spirit hood t get one because they’re worth especially around winter

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