Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Juju Babe Jelly Sandals Review

Okay so as you can tell by the title this a little review on the jelly sandals from American Apparel. I am not going to lie when these shoes first came out I was very snobbish towards them saying to myself "who would ever wear these ?"

 I would and I have fallen under their spell. I bought them two weeks ago and I got to say they were worth the money I spent. They were only $40 bucks and I purchased them in Silver and in Black. To begin with they're quite cozy to me but be warned when you decide to purchase these size down because they do run big. I was also surprised by how soft they are! Like, they really do have that jelly feel to them but the heels/soles are still pretty solid. I mostly wear these with colorful socks cause your feet WILL sweat wearing them alone, although they look cute both ways. The heeled version pretty much compliments and flatters the majority of outfits that I have tried on and do promote good posture whenI walk. Overall I give these shoes a 9/10 because they're affordable , cute and are durable!  The only con in them is they're sizing but good luck and I hope this review helped you when you want to purchase shoes like these.

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