Wednesday, February 20, 2013

♡ Music of the Week ♡

So I always get asked what music I listen to and to be honest I have a wide range of intrest when it comes to music. So every two weeks I want to update my blogspot with music that I really appreciate or even a music spotlight on a certain artist or band. In this post I will talk about one or two songs I really adore from Lana Del Rey , Azealia Banks , Chad Valley and Marina and the Diamonds.

Lana Del Rey♥ 

So I am a huge Lana Del Rey fan and her new album "Paradise" is simply perfection ! But to slim it down the two songs that really stick out to me are Burning desire and Body Electric. They both have such a sensual and sultry melody that I can listen to all day. Plus I don't know if it's just me but Lana always gives me this since of nostalgia when I listen to her.

♥ Azealia Banks 

Azealia Banks is one of the baddest bitches that can spit some real game when it comes to rapping.This is just a single that Azealia released called BBD and it is just vicious ! I love his song because it has such sassy attitude follow by an amazing trap beat that simply makes me want to dance.

 ♥ Chad Valley ♥ 

I recently went to go see Warm Bodies and one particular scene stood out to me because of the musical choice for it. The song was provided by the lovely Chad valley and the song is called Shell Suite. This song is so calming , the vocal are simply divine and his voice just makes me melt. It is so romantic and makes me smile all the time and i love listrening to when ever feel bummy , everyone should really check it out.

♥ Marina and the Diamonds ♥ 

Marina is an amazing artist with music that releases your inner primadonna and I've been around since the family jewel days. I had a hard time just picking two songs because the entire album is so amazing however since I had to pick two I choose How to Be a Heartbreaker and Bubblegum Bitch. How to be a heartbreaker is so catchy and is I think more than anything this song is cleverly done. It showcases Marina's opinion on society between both sexes, she portrays her message very loud and clear, with a catchy hook and a great video. Moving on bubblegum bitch is such a bitchy pop song that I can simply hum and rehearse every lyric too.
I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out
Cause that’s what young love is all about.
So pull me closer, and kiss me hard
I’m gonna pop your bubblegum heart

It's witty , sassy, and perfect in every way ♡

Hope you enjoyed my first "music of the week post".

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