Monday, January 14, 2013

American Apparel Easy Jean Review

So I just recently just got easy jeans and easy jeans are a slim, high-waist jean constructed from soft, stretch denim that molds to the shape of your body for a perfect fit. These pants feature dual back pockets, as well as front zipper and button closure.

They are legit heaven in a pair of jeans and are very durable. My first pair were the black easy jeans and I was so scared to get them because they were so expensive and black fades so quickly. I didn't want to get new jeans and have them fade so fast however I have washed these more than 4 times and they still havent faded to my surprise ! After seeing how comfortable these jeans are I got another two pair ; The light-wash indigo jeans and the dark-wash indigo jeans.They hit right about the belly button and right at my ankles. 

I would consider these "jeggings" than actual jeans because of the stretch and comfortableness, as well as the actual look. They really accentuate my butt which is a must in all the jeans that I wear-so these are a definite keeper! I always pair these jeans with any American Apparel crop top but you can even wear these with oversized sweater , flannel shirts or anything for that matter as long as they are tucked within the jeans. I mean why would you want to hid something that is like a push-up bra for your butt ? So the next time you want a pair of new jeans please be sure to go to your local american apparel and give these a try !


  1. Are they good? I'm buying them on my 14th birthday this year in London in the AA store! I've read tons of reviews especially this one and everyone says they last forever (but there pricey)


    1. They are worth the price , they last forever , and take forever to fade.