Monday, October 15, 2012

Tokyo Hardcore Review

                                                                     Tokyo Hardcore

     So I am a huge advocate for Tokyohardcore and her amazing clothing store. I  buy from her store whenever I get the chance because the quality is just amazing and it's so darn cute die. To begin lets talk about the quality first in for most. typically the tank tops I wear are for my active life and rip/tear but not with these clothes.

 I wore my too cute to prostitute tank top for Warped Tour ,  mind you I sweat and got pretty crazy in the mosh pits that i joined ,  for 6-8 hours. by the end of the day there were no tears and even the printing was still amazing afterwards. I washed it and nothing came undone and still looks brand new. Moving on the adorable clothes they have are just to die for ,  I remember for summer I ordered a ton of tanks but there was a problem with shipping so what the owner did throw in a free shirt which happened to be my too cute to prostitute shirt for how long i had to waited and she even threw in sticker's , button's and cute packaging. She is so sweet and considerate of her buyers and will make sure you get your delivery in a timely manner.

So recently I just ordered my latest piece from her which is the stay cute crop top that I can't wait to flaunt around.

It's cozy yet functional and you can even layer it up for those colder days. So to end my rant Tokyohardcore sells some cute clothes that are durable , affordable and super cute. If you want to go to her amazing store just go to the link listed below. Stay cute and don't forget to follow me for more post.

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