Friday, August 31, 2012

Septum Piercing Experience

 I've wanted my septum pierced since 8th grade and always been so scared due to what my mom would do or say. But I finally turned 18 and was feeling the rush of confidence and freedom due to my ah. So my septum is my first but not last piercing , I plan to get my monroe and maybe even my ears later down the line. Many have said it was very painful and they actually gushed tons of blood ! I was quite terrified and resistant to get it while at the tattoo shop but I didn't want to be 30 saying "I wish I at least got one piercing". So i mustard up the courage and did it ! So to begin the piercer sat me down then proceeded to relax me with humor and then he pierced me as soon as I took a deep breath. On a scale of 1-10 it didn't hurt that bad it was actually a 4 and didn't gush blood at all however don't base my experience towards yours because everyone is different. Continuing once you get it please wash you hands every time you want to move it or flip it up and make sure you clean it 2-3 times a day . Follow by soaking it in sea salt for a minute and you will get crusties that are painful . You don't have an infection it's natural and you will get a weird smell emitting from your septum sooner or later from it. Another reason why I am in love with this piercing is because it's easily concealable by flipping it up. So that was my experience and helpful tips to you if you plan to get a septum piercing ♡

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