Friday, November 23, 2012

♡ Black Friday Haul ♡

So this was my first Black Friday with my friends and it was a bit hectic to say the least. I've never seen human beings go insane over such things however it was still fun ! I got to get all these cute items for myself and few for my mom and step-dad.  Also on the plus side I stayed under my budget which was $175 and he only the iI paid full price was my Truly Madly Deeply Palm of Darkness Tee , I couldn't resist it's beauty ! I can say my favorite finds were the Audrey Hepburn bio , the turquoise ring and my Jack Daniel's muscle tee ! I have tried to find these for cheap for months and with my luck I finally got them ! I hope all of you had all of you had or are having a safe and fun black friday 

Black Beanie 
Jack Daniels Shirt 
Random Kiosk
Black Crop Top w/ pocket
Round Denim Collar Shirt
Grey Scarf 
American Apparel
Indigo Sweater
Truly Madly Deeply Palm of Darkness Tee
Urban Outfitters

Breakfast At Tiffany's
Audrey Hepburn Biography 
Turquoise Ring
Random Kiosk

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